Soulja Boy's been in the rap game for over a decade at this point, and while he still makes music, he's ventured off into the tech world. Over the past few weeks, Soulja Boy's been making some major moves in the tech world. He launched the SouljaWatch, his game console Soulja Game (which he claimed to have made a quarter million off of within 24 hours), and now, he has his own line of headphones.

Soulja Boy is going knee deep into the tech industry. The rapper took to Instagram to reveal that he has his own new line of headphones that he launched on his website His SouljaHeadphones are wireless Bluetooth that can be shipped from either China or the Russian Federation. The headphones are currently being sold at $38.26. They look eerily similar to Dr. Dre's Beats headphones and come in black, black and red, red and white.

On top of launching his headphones, the rapper revealed that he also launched a cell phone. The SouljaPhone HT70 which has dropped is currently on sale for $199 in comparison to it's normal $299 price tag.

If the tech juug doesn't work out for Soulja, he can always rely on the rap game. In November, the rapper penned a new record deal with Entertainment One after spending years on the independent grind. 

Peep his SouljaHeadphones and other items below.