Soulja Boy's comeback is swerving back into the social media-related antics. He recently had an exchange with Jake Paul about challenging him in a boxing match. Both entertainers had smiles on their faces as they listed the reasons why they were most likely to beat the other's a$s during the hypothetical fight but they still seemed serious about the matter. Considering how the pair came to fame, a puclic showdown is not so unlikely. Peep a clip of their conversation after the jump.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Big Drako begins his tough talk putting up his recently signed record deal's advance as collateral.  "Now look, Jake. I'mma knock you out. I got 20 mil on the line. Let's go," he said. "I just signed a record deal. I finna put the whole advance on the match. I finna to call Floyd Mayweather right now."

Paul expresses some concern for the rapper's financial situation. "But what happens when you lose? That's what you don't understand," he muses. Soulja stays true to his confident persona. "You ain't got no hands, Jake Paul. I already beat your brother up, responded. "What do you think I'mma do to you?"

The clip concludes with Soulja declaring "You not gon' do shit, Jake Paul. You weak."