It appears that Soulja Boy's valiant showing amid threats of a lawsuit from Nintendo was done to preserve his public image. In the end, the real threat of a multi-millionaire class action suit was too much to bear. As of this morning, Soulja Boy has pulled his "SouljaGame" consoles from his eStore "Soulja Watch," effective immediately. Notice how the gaming console is missing from its normal resting place in the shoppe.

As MP1st is reporting, Soulja Boy, aka DeAndre Cortez Way, was given a proviso by Nintendo earliest this month. In light of the fact, Nintendo conducted its dealings behind closed doors, we've only had Soulja Boy's Twitter feed to contend with - as a reliable source of information into the matter. Nintendo seems to have threatened Soulja Boy by sending him the Trademark Counterfeiting Act as requisite reading material. Soulja Boy's stubborn response saw him go ahead with his business plan until forced into submission by a 2nd injunction

The current storefront over at "Soulja Watch" obscures all evidence of a "SouljaGame" console ever existing. After being forced into submission, Soulja Boy tried in jest to jolly up the narrative by posting this on Twitter: "I had to boss up, I didn’t have a choice." Could this be the bitter endnote for Soulja Boy and his video game aspirations?