Another day, another Soulja Boy story to report, but this time around he’s making headlines for being way behind on rent, and reportedly just days away from being kicked out & hit with a lawsuit TMZ has learned.

Soulja Boy leased a pad in the Hollywood Hills 3 months ago for $6k a month, and is already having issues paying up. The landlord tells TMZ that when he demands rent he gets blown off, and ever since Soulja Boy has moved in the house has been nothing but trouble. Not only was Soulja arrested there last month for violating his probation, but the pad was just broken into earlier this week & burglarized, where over $20K worth of values was stolen altogether.

The landlord allegedly told TMZ that he's given Soulja Boy the rest of the week to pay up, otherwise he’s taking legal action. We'll keep you posted if any further info or legal actions are taken.