Soulja Boy and WWE Superstar Randy Orton have been at each other throats online for the last few weeks. After Soulja said that the rap game is "faker than WWE", a number of wrestlers came forward to call out the rapper, calling him a "one-hit wonder" and challenging him to get in the ring to see for himself what sort of pain they go through every night.

While the outcomes in wrestling are pre-determined for the most part, the bruises and scars that they suffer for the entertainment of the audience are certainly not fake. Randy Orton attempted to show that to Soulja Boy on Tuesday, tagging him on a picture of WWE's Drew McIntyre and Sheamus showing off their wounds of war from their hard-fought match on Monday Night RAW. In doing so, he also called out Soulja's relationship woes, taunting him and saying, "Which one of yo baby’s mommas do I send the bill to for making you relevant again?"

Soulja Boy has officially responded and he's seemingly ready to hop into the squared circle. He got something off his chest first and fought back against Randy's claims.

"Yeah that sh*t is fake homeboy," he said. "And I don’t got no baby mommas fool. Looks like your the one looking for relevancy. Enough talking set it up so I can slide on u for the gang, u think sh*t sweet huh."

He proceeded to take a swift jab at his new rival, pointing out the fact that he's allegedly made much more money than Randy in his career. Sharing a graphic comparing their net worth earnings, Soulja pointed out that he's worth $30 million compared to Randy's $11 million. Then, he fired back with a low blow. "I can’t argue with a man that wears leather thongs," he wrote.

Do you think this will lead to a fight between Soulja Boy and Randy Orton at WrestleMania?