Soulja Boy seems to be feeling himself lately. He is fresh off the release of a new music video and the commotion he caused with his infamous appearance on The Breakfast Club. The rapper's confidence translates to how he interacts with ladies. He recently shared his fondness for Mehgan James, a television personality most known for her stint on Bad Girls Club.

He filmed the pair as he talked his game into her ear. He begins by asking Mehgan how she got "so fine," to which she responded, "I been fine." Soulja continues his rap, "I don't know man...You fine as a motherf*cker. Beautiful. You Balenciaga beautiful." This made his crush laugh. She smiled and called him stupid.

Mehgan took in his words while appearing to be busy typing on her phone. She may have been texting her mom about finally meeting Mr. Right. Alternatively, she could have been concocting an escape plan with one of her homegirls. The "Crank Dat" rapper's previous IG story seemed to show the duo holding hands, however, so her feelings may lay somewhere between both scenarios.

Either way, she is clearly open to love. Before hopping on her flight to Los Angeles where she and Soulja linked up, the reality television star shared a text post via her IG stories. "I can't be controlled," it said. "So all I want is someone who can watch me do my thing and say 'that's my baby.'"