Earlier in the month, GBE Rapper BallOut (who Soulja has worked with) allegedly stole one of Soulja Boy's chains, an accomplishment he later bragged about over twitter. Now it seems that the SOD rapper is responding to the claims, taking to facebook to threaten both BallOut and his crew leader Chief Keef, and publicly exposing their respective phone numbers.

According to Soulja's instagram, the rapper is currently in Keef's hometown of Chicago.

The possibility that this could simply be the work of a hacker has not been ruled out.

Check out BallOut's tweet below, and Soulja's threats in the gallery above. More coverage to follow.


[Update: Chief Keef Responds, Soulja Claims He's Been Hacked]

Chief Keef has responded to Soulja's threats, indicating he is in London, and providing his new number.

Soulja Boy has also made the claim that his Facebook was hacked.

Read the tweets below.