Whatever this escalating conflict between Soulja Boy and the Nintendo corporation boils down, I stand by my appreciation for both sides in terms of their "Golden Era" output. Hate it or love it, Soulja Boy pushed the rap game into parts unknown when he debuted in the mid-to-late 2000s. As a child, the Super Nintendo-Famicom system, and its successor the N64, made the Nintendo corporation a household item no less important than an ironing board or a lint-roller.

So to see Soulja and corporation (not a music label) squabble over publishing rights in 2018 is pretty much inconceivable, and to be quite honest, rather entertaining. We're talking about the same old Soula Boy that gleefully tweeted about receiving a Nintendo DSi in his favorite color, back in 2009.

Two days ago, word got out that Nintendo was considering legal action over Soulja Boy's product unveiling of a regular console and a handheld device. While the report is being held up for legal reasons and is thus "unsubstantiated," even though it did incur a swift response from Soulja Boy, which he later deleted, I'm sure with good reason. Soulja allegedly tweeted, "Nintendo ain't gon do SHIT," after making inferences to that effect on Twitter for the past two days. I don't know where to begin; the Soulja Boy - Nintendo saga is only heating up.