Soulja Boy has apparently been riled up by an internet troll. It's happened to the best of us, but most of us probably did not react the way Soulja has. 

The rapper posted a video where he threatens to kill someone claiming to be his ex girlfriend's boyfriend-- his ex girl being Nia Riley. In the video, you see Soulja waving around what looks like a Glock, saying, "Ay dude, fuck you and fuck Nia Riley. Stop playing with me 'fore some shooters be outside your house lil n*gga, kill your bitch ass n*gga."

Only thing is, Nia Riley says she doesn't have a boyfriend, and the person Soulja threatened is just a troll trying to piss off the rapper. She doesn't even know him. Thus she tells TMZ that she will not be calling the cops about this threat.

Watch the video in question below.