Die hard Soulja Boy may be surprised to learn that Soulja Boy's old merchandise store now sells something much, much weirder. 

If one were to visit his old store, rather than finding all your favorite Soulja Boy t-shirts, what they'd find instead is Bad Dragon, a website selling sex toys that are made to look like they belong to fantasy creatures.

Soulja Boy has always been a hustler, but it seems unlikely that this would be a purposeful decision by him to redirect his site to a place where you can buy a scaly dildo. According to SPIN, back in 2013 Soulja used to promote his website heavily, sometimes tweeting out as many as 30 links a day. However, back then you'd find Soulja Boy merch rather an a flesh-light that could belong to a sea creature. 

An investigation into the site's history found that it first went offline in August, 2013, and that the redirect has likely been in place for a while, appearing as early as October 2016. While someone must have bought the website and redirected it as a joke, it only took until now for someone to even notice the change.

That's because, in all of those tweets that were mentioned earlier, the link in the tweet now shows something called the "Carrot Cake" collection from Bad Dragon, and a pile of sex toys that have a vague resemblance to crab legs. 

It's currently unknown who bought the site, and a representative from Bad Dragon did not immediately respond for comment.