South Carolina's Lee Correctional Institution is regarded as the "most dangerous prison" in the state. Several violent outbursts have occurred within the penitentiary's confines, including the injuring of two guards in 2015, as well as the death of three inmates during separate incidents throughout 2017. 

However, a recent prison brawl has resulted in the death of seven detainees, while injuring another seventeen more. ABC News reports that these deadly disputes commenced around 7:15pm on Sunday in multiple housing units at the maximum-security facility, continuing onwards until 3:00am after State Law Enforcement Division agents were able to successfully safeguard the premises.

No guards were wounded as a result of these altercations, which was carried out via knives. The coroner Larry Logan revealed to the Associated Press that it "appears most of the seven were killed by stabbing or slashing." Logan also details "others may have been beaten, but autopsies will be needed to confirm what caused their deaths."