South Carolina rapper 18veno has reportedly been shot and killed, according to multiple reports. The rapper’s family, however, has yet to confirm the cause of death.

Numerous tributes to the late rapper have come piling in, including one from fellow South Carolina producer Jetsonmade. "Long Live @18veno. 
I love u lil brudda," he wrote on Twitter, Sunday.

18veno's 11-track debut project, Pablo, dropped last year. 

18's passing is the latest in a series of gun-violence related deaths in the music industry over the last year. Dallas rapper Mo3, Chicago rapper King Von, and New York City’s  Pop Smoke were all victims of gun-related deaths in 2020.

Pop Smoke’s parents condemned the prominence of gun violence with a recent video.

“Because of gun violence, I’ll never see my son run up the front of our steps, taking them two at a time,” Smoke's mother, Audrey Jackson, says in the video. “He won’t ever take my hands again and dance with me. He won’t come into my room and muscle pose in the mirror. Gun violence destroys families. It must stop.”

The video was made in partnership with the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance/I WILL GRADUATE program. In 2020, there were over 1,000 shootings and nearly 300 murders in New York City.