On-off-on like a car wash technician, does it sound familiar? Well, I should hope so, we've all been in a topsy-turvy relationship, and sometimes the 2nd act is better or different than the 1st. Relationship squabbles are a symptom of immaturity, mental illness, and some instances "hard done luck."

In the case of producer Southside and rapper Yung Miami rekindling their flame, the chances for reunion seemed all but unlikely. You might recall, Yung Miami day tripping with Southside in an exotic locale, prompting rumors they were going steady. Then within a week, they are trading deep-seated insults over Social Media, like toddlers fighting over a teething ring. But again, we've all been there, and there's really no need to revisit the "dark epoch" unless it's to right some wrongs retroactively. 

So when Yung Miami and Southside were seemingly together for a club appearance over the weekend, it gave us reason to believe in second chances all over, in lieu of viewing them in a destructive cycle. We simply don't have any insight into the situation, other than a "messy divorce" over the Internet lasting little over a week. So why not raise our glasses to full-capacity while the getting is good. Happy New Year to you both!