The evolution of Travis Scott has been fascinating to take in over the last few years. Starting off as a relatively underground artist, Travis dropped off Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo before growing into Rodeo and Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. All of his projects have proven themselves to have a redeeming listenability years after their original releases. His next endeavor is Astroworld, a project very personal to Travis that has been expected for years. In between his dates with girlfriend Kylie Jenner and studio sessions with Mike Dean, La Flame linked up with producer Southside who gave the album some high praise. 

At the helm of 808 Mafia, Southside has become one of Atlanta's ultimate go-to producers. When he says that your album is "another level of music," you know it's gonna bang. Southside shared a photo of himself and Cactus Jack, making the statement that Astroworld is at a completely advanced level. Travis Scott's 2017 was somewhat quiet, releasing a collaborative album with Quavo to mixed reviews. Astroworld offers Trav the chance to redeem himself to those doubting the extent of his creative ability.

Travis unquestionably has the talent to knock out prototypical classic projects, as evidenced by the sounds of his past releases. Whether Astroworld will be the strong project we believe it has the potential to be is yet to be determined, but with Southside's acknowledgment, things are looking up.