We've heard from many rappers already about how the felt after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the case investigating the death of Florida teen, Trayvon Martin.  Now, a rapper from the same area at Trayvon, SpaceGhostPurrp speaks up, and says his crew takes to shouting "Zimmerman Killa" to show their true distaste for the man who shot Martin.  

Speaking to HipHopDX, the Raider Klan rapper, who Trayvon was a fan of before he passed, talks about how the death of the teenager has affected him and his crew because not only was he a fan, but he was from the same area, Carol City.  He talks about how race played a part and he feels that they were being racist when handing out the verdict to Zimmerman, and that Trayvon was a non-violent kid.  

Check out the excerpt below: 

DX: Last time we talked, you spoke on the Trayvon Martin situation, Trayvon being a fan of your music and you not liking how the whole situation went down. Time has passed, but how do you feel about the situation as of right now and where it stands?

SpaceGhostPurrp: Man, I feel like fuck Zimmerman! It’s ZK all day. We scream that shit all day around here. We scream that shit, ZK, that’s, “Zimmerman Killa.” We bangin’ that, and we really live that shit. We see any nigga promoting Zimmerman, we gonna beat him the fuck up, dog. We been doing that shit.Trayvon Martin is from my hood; he’s from Carol City. He go by the name of “Slim.” He wasn’t no bad nigga, he was just a young nigga trying to get money. It’s fucked up how this state…how racist they are on the low. We still out here. My boy, Choppa Boy Nick, that’s Slim’s best friend. You can follow him on Twitter; he go by Choppa Boy Nick, and he’s straight out of Brownsville, Miami. That shit crazy over there. That nigga hurtin’ to this day, but we still riding with Trayvon. That nigga used to bump Raider Klan music before he died.