Spencer Dinwiddie's torn ACL is reportedly not a dealbreaker in a potential trade between the Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets, regarding James Harden. Dinwiddie's injury came during the team's 106-104 loss to the Charlotte Hornets, Sunday.

Spencer Dinwiddie, James HardenRonald Martinez / Getty Images

ESPN's Zach Lowe explained the situation on his podcast, Monday, saying that trade talks between the two teams were never going to make it very far regardless:

Spencer Dinwiddie’s health did not make or break the Nets’ ability to get James Harden. It’s unclear to me, frankly, if those teams have had anything resembling a serious conversation about James Harden. Let’s make that clear. I don’t sense that there’s been hardly any traction there at all. And maybe the way the Nets started had them thinking ‘Why are we messing with this?’

Harden's name has been ringing out in the rumor mill since reportedly requesting a trade prior to the start of the regular season. He's been linked to a number of teams including the Nets, Heat, and 76ers.

Harden downplayed the situation when asked about it earlier this month: "Since I've been here, nothing has been said about it. Everybody in the locker room and the coaching staff has been focused on ramping up and preparing for the season. That's all that matters."