Spider-Man: Far From Home will be Marvel's third film of 2019, following Captain Marvel and the still-untitled Avengers 4. Although it comes in last for next year's releases, fans have gotten more behind-the-scenes footage than the other two MCU films dropping next year. The reason for that seems to be the location. While most Marvel films shoot privately in Atlanta (yes, all those scenes in Africa from Black Panther were shot in ATL), Spider-Man: Far From Home has taken Tom Holland and crew overseas to Europe. Just last week, photos of Holland in a Black Suit sent the internet into a frenzy, as fans speculated on why Spidey isn't wearing a Tony Stark invented suit. Could it be that Venom will make an MCU appearance? Last we saw Spidey, he was in space (turned into dust). In the comics, Peter Parker first encounters the black symbiote while he's in space. Fans also speculated that the Spider-Noir suit is what Marvel is going for instead since Tom Hardy and Venom are obviously on a different path. 

More set photos, from a shoot in Prague, surfaced online this weekend as well. The latest leak gives fans a first look at the main villain in the film, Mysterio. Played by Jake Gyllenhaal, Mysterio uses his suit to cast lifelike illusions. He once tricked Wolverine into killing the entire team of X-Men by making him believe they were popular enemies. That kind of chaos is welcoming for the MCU, which is finally beginning to build a catalog of amazing villains after struggling for years. One leak even shows the Black Suit Spidey and Mysterio in a faceoff, that appears to be the final fight of the film. Of course, the hero wins, and it looks like police show up to the scene to back up the young Avenger. In case you haven't noticed, we now have three (Vulture, Scorpion, Mysterio) members of the Sinister Six floating around the MCU.