Throughout the years, Spike Lee has proven himself to be one of the biggest New York Knicks fans ever. He has spent over $10 million in courtside season tickets and has been a fixture at the team's games. Recently, Lee got into a bit of an altercation as he tried to enter Madison Square Garden through an employee entrance. Lee alleges he's been allowed to use that entrance forever but in the particular instance that's been reported this past week, the Knicks refused his attempts at entry. 

Since the ordeal, Lee and the Knicks have been going back and forth. Owner James Dolan is adamant that he talked it out with Lee while the director is saying his relationship with the team has been damaged. This past weekend, Lee took to Instagram where he opened up about the incident and how he's 100 percent in the right.

Per Lee:

"Good Morning Orange And Blue Skies. On Monday,March 2,In Da Year Of Our Lawd ,2020 This Ticket Was Scanned As I Went Through The Employee Entrance On West 33rd Street. I Had Used This Entrance For Over Da Last 30 Years," Spike wrote. "The Previous Time Was Last Wednesday Afternoon When I Introduced The Hit Broadway Play TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD For A Free Performance To 18,000 New York City Public School Kids. On My Dear Mother’s Grave -Ms. Jacquelyn Shelton Lee, No One From The Garden Had Ever Told Me I Could Not Use The Employee Entrance Until Garden Security Told Me To Get Off The Elevator Once I Had Entered After This Ticket Was Scanned."

Spike Lee's fractured relationship with the Knicks is yet another reason why this franchise has been struggling. When you can't even keep your biggest fan happy, you know you've done something wrong.