Iconic director Spike Lee joined hundreds in New York City to protest police brutality, Sunday.

Spike Lee, Protests, New YorkParas Griffin / Getty Images

Lee was seen on Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn, riding a bicycle and wearing Knicks' orange and blue. “Fort Greene, Baby! Fort Greene! Gotta represent,” Lee yelled while cycling with other protesters.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker spoke about the rise in Black Lives Matter protests throughout the country with E!, Saturday.

"My heart is in a good place, though. Something I've seen on television, I wanted to see with my own eyes, and what has given me strength is my fellow white brothers and sisters out there. Strong! And they have joined their black and brown sisters, locked arms, step-in-step…”

“And what's really even giving me more hype, the number of young white brothers and sisters [protesting.] That's given me hope! We had the Panther movement, the anti-war movement, the women's movement," he added. "We haven't seen this since the '60s. So that gives me hope."

Lee also released a short film, 3 Brothers, inspired by the recent death of George Floyd. The film blends together footage from his Do the Right Thing with real footage from the deaths of Eric Garner and George Floyd.