Spillage Village's recent Spilligion album has been quietly gaining traction as one of the year's most innovative drops, a veritable campfire jam session effortlessly blending elements of hip-hop and r&b music together. And given how organic the instrumentation sounds throughout, it's no wonder that the project transitions incredibly effectively to a live setting. Today, the Village came through and dropped a stunning NPR Tiny Desk Concert, bringing several album highlights to life with a setlist of "End Of Daze," "Baptize," "Hapi," and "Jupiter." 

With J.I.D, EARTHGANG, Mereba, Benji, Jurdan Bryant, Hollywood JB, Christo, and Hero The Band on deck, it doesn't take long for the group's chemistry to become abundantly clear. And while the vocalists are in fine form, especially on the spirited performance of the project's biggest banger "Baptize," it's the musicians providing the foundation that truly steal the show. Basslines, keys, and guitars combine as one, adding new dynamic elements to the mix. For anyone who can appreciate the camaraderie evident in a well-rehearsed jam session, you'll find much to enjoy here.

In fact, the Tiny Desk Concert is so solid that it makes the thought of a Spillage Village tour all the more enticing, and it's likely that the Atlanta collective's live experience will be a must-watch -- once it's safe enough to organize, of course. In the meantime, check out the full video below, and sound off. Did Spillage Village deliver one of the best NPR Tiny Desk Concerts yet?