After SpongeBob made a brief appearance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, he may be looking to return to television full-time. At least, he will if Nickelodeon's newly-minted President has anything to say about it. For such a long time, the show has been a staple of Nickelodeon's programming and since it has gone off the air, the network isn't doing so well, to say the least. In an attempt to bring back their loyal viewers, Nickelodeon President Brian Robbins is looking for some of his most famous characters to return to the small screen as part of a few spin-offs. 

During an interview with Variety, Robbins said that he is intending on creating original stories for a few SpongeBob characters. The extent of the spin-offs is not yet known but he did hint that Patrick, Sandy, Plankton and, of course, SpongeBob would be involved. "That’s our Marvel Universe," said Robbins. "You have this amazing show that’s run for almost 20 years."

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

With a petition to bring back the classic animated series, people seem to be fully on board with new SpongeBob episodes. The Nickelodeon President added, "I think the fans are clamoring for it." He recognizes the difficulties of scheduled programming these days, noting that kids have adopted a binge-watching method similar to their parents. Robbins is set on bringing young viewers back to his network though and SpongeBob is the first step.