Spotify and Hulu have made valiant efforts to ensure that their services are available to as many individuals of possible, routinely offering premium prices at a lower cost to target a wider group of potential customers. The two companies have established a deal that would allow the general public to access their vast libraries of television programs and music at a discounted price. Spotify's unprecedented 71 million Premium users will be given a chance to upgrade to this bundled subscription before anyone else.

As opposed to shelling out $9.99 per month for Spotify's on-demand music service, a subscriber can now opt to pay $12.99, which will also include Hulu's Limited Commercials plan. Later this summer, this exclusive offer will be available to all of Spotify's 157 million users, alongside any new joiners to either company. 

Commencing today, Spotify's Premium users will be able to access a trial version of this exciting new pairing through a promotion that will give Hulu a mere 99 cents throughout a three-month duration. 

Hulu's Limited Commercials plan retails for $7.99 on its own, which is certainly a steal when factoring in a Spotify Premium subscription as well. 

Spotify will now be able to directly compete with Amazon Prime, which also offers a similar amalgamation of video and music. Apple will also be entering this lucrative avenue soon by producing original content to complement and diversify their pre-existing streaming service.