Every so often, two streaming juggernauts joint forces, making for some truly enticing deals. Now, the combined team of Hulu and Spotify (who previously linked up back in 2017) have come forward with a veritable streamer's delight. As of now, all U.S. based Spotify Premium users will be granted access to Hulu, leaving the rest of the world wondering whether they'll ever get a fair shake. Either way, United States Spotify users are in luck, as Hulu is a nice service to have on deck - especially if it's free. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

A post from the Swedish music streaming company has detailed the arrangement, explaining that the free Hulu subscription falls under the ad-supported tier, with a value of $5.99 U.S. Not only that, but the existing double package of Spotify and Hulu will proceed to be lowered to $9.99. Premium users can now access Hulu series like The Handmaid's Tale and Castle Rock, along with 85,000 additional television episodes. 

Spotify’s global head of premium business development Marc Hazan opened up about the venture: ““Today is the first time that we’re offering a Hulu plan to the masses as part of their $9.99 Spotify Premium subscription. As we push towards making Spotify Premium a gateway to a bigger world of entertainment, we’re fully committed to finding new ways to enhance the overall experience for our Premium users and this is just the beginning.” 

Any Spotify Premium users eager to dive into Hulu's catalog?