While the streaming era has ushered in myriad changes to the music business, many have come to appreciate the convenience of services like Spotify, Apple Music & Tidal. Yet up-and-coming artists have still found themselves facing the same struggles they have always faced. Only this time, instead of radio, it's playlists. While it may seem like a hurdle to land your music on Rap Caviar and its brethren, Spotify has officially taken note of the struggle. According to a report from Variety, the streaming giant will be launching a new service expressly designed to help with the playlist process.

"The number one question we get from labels, artists and their teams is: who do I speak to to get on Rap Caviar, Hot Country, ¡Viva Latino!, Ultimate Indie or other Spotify playlists?" says  Nick Holmsten, Spotify's VP of content & global head of shows & editorial. "“We’ve listened to feedback from the creative community, and developed a new feature that enables them to easily submit unreleased music for playlist consideration to our entire worldwide team of playlist editors.”

According to the report, Spotify's playlist curating team is made up of over one hundred editors worldwide. As for the process itself, the announcement explains it as follows:  "log into your Spotify for Artists account or, if you work at a label, head over to Spotify Analytics. There, you’ll have the option of selecting one unreleased song for playlist consideration and submitting it to our team. Editors will be searching through submissions based on the information you share to find unreleased music to consider for their playlists."

They times, they are a-changin'. For more, be sure to peep the original report right here.