After taking a break over the holidays/daze, we've returned with Staff Picks in all it's playlist glory. Although music in general slowed down over the holiday season, things seem to be picking back up this week, as is reflected in the Staff Picks playlist. Of course, Kanye West stole the show with his release of "Real Friends/No More Parties In L.A.," however he made us work for it, uploading and then deleting the song from his SoundCloud multiple times through out the day. We made it, though. Along with that record, and Kanye West's NYE release "Facts," we've got songs from almost every coast-- West (Cozz, Daz Dillinger, Nef the Pharaoh), South (Beatking, Sonny Digital, Rae Sremmurd) and North (Ro Ransom, Fabolous), East (Tate Kobang).

Take a listen to the playlist below.

Danny Schwartz: Sonny Digital "Watch That"; Daz Dillinger "My 9 Goes Pow"

Justin Fleischer: Ro Ransom "Talk Too Much"; Tate Kobang "For The Streets"

Angus Walker: Rae Sremmurd "By Chance"; Nef The Pharaoh feat. Philthy Rich "Say Dat"

Rose Lilah: Cozz feat. Boogie "City of God"

Kevin Goddard: Fabolous "Milly Rock"

Trevor Smith: BeatKing "Bussibak"

Mike DeLeon: Kanye West "Facts" 

Carver Low: Kanye West feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Kendrick Lamar "Real Friends/No More Parties In L.A."