A man was recently arrested after using an unusual method to find a pop star's home. Reports from The New York Post confirmed that the Tokyo Police recently made an arrest on the suspicion on stalking. 26-year-old Hibiki Sato was arrested for stalking and causing injuries to a 20-year-old female Popstar. Sato apparently studied thousands of photos and selfies of the popstar closely in order to identify and track her home. The popstar repeatedly shared images of her apartment which is what helped Sato put the pieces together to find the starlet's home. Once the stalker found the house, he showed up and hurt the pop star. Police reports indicate that Sato committed indecent acts against the woman which included groping and hitting the star. The ordeal led to the Tokyo Shimbun, a metropolitan daily newspaper, to release a warning for readers to be cautious when posting casual selfies showing their home and surroundings. 

"Cyberstalking has been a problem for years, with criminals and perpetrators of domestic violence using hacking, clandestine activation of microphones and cameras and other methods to track their victims." This is a rare case and it remains unknown whether high-resolution photos are used commonly by stalkers to track their victims. Nevertheless, proceed with caution. 


Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images