Deadpool 2 is the only comic book movie that breaks the fourth wall successfully, while still delivering a self-contained plot. After the success of the first Deadpool, 20th Century Fox put their foot on the gas and decided to expand the universe. The X-Men play a central role in the Deadpool movies, even if only a few members are ever around. Out of all heroes wandering around in Hollywood at the moment, Stan Lee believes that only one has the best superpower.

In an interview with Nerdament, Stan Lee was asked which superpower he thinks is the best, telepathy or shapeshifting. Instead of picking either one, the legendary comic book creator revealed his personal choice."I think I have a better one. I want you to think about this; it's not visual, there's no costume that comes with it - but what about unfailing good luck," Lee explains. "If you're lucky, you've got everything: you automatically beat the villain, you automatically become wealthy, you automatically get the girl you want, you're lucky! That is the greatest power of all."

Domino, a mutant with the power of good luck, was portrayed by Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2. In the comic book, Domino has the ability to manipulate probabilities around her, resulting in the best possible outcome. That power played out flawlessly in the film. At the end of the short interview with Stan Lee, he doubles back to remind everyone what the best superpower is. "Good talking to you - and remember: luck is the ultimate superpower."