As diehard Knights Of The Old Republic fans wax poetic on its glorious legacy, the rest of the world has been patiently waiting for a new Star Wars game to satisfy them. After all, it's been a minute since the Star Wars franchise has catered to the single-player experience, though The Force Unleashed certainly had its moments. Luckily, Respawn and EA have teamed up to unveil Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a new game (PC, PS4, Xbox One) set to arrive on November 15th.

Though details aren't exactly bountiful, it has been announced that the game will follow a fugitive Jedi on the run throughout an Imperial-led galaxy, calling back to the devastating effects of "Order 66." Expect plenty of action and RPG elements, as The Force looks to be a large component of this one. Today, Respawn has shared a new look at the box art, which features the game's protagonist Cal Kestis in the center, flanked by friends and enemies alike. From the look of it, the main villain "Second Sister" will be channeling notorious badass Darth Maul. 

See for yourself below. Are you interested in checking this one out?