The greater scope of the Star Wars video game universe has been inconsistent, to say the least. For every Knights Of The Old Republic or Battlefront comes a Bounty Hunter or a Yoda Stories; even solid games like The Force Awakens or Shadows Of The Empire have failed to live up to their full potential. Yet Jedi: Fallen Order looks to be a breath of fresh air, albeit one fans are watching with a tentative gaze, thanks to the involvement of EA Games (expect microtransactions to follow). Despite that, Respawn's upcoming game has managed to make a positive impression, largely in part to a successful demo reveal at the recent E3. 

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today, the demo has been released in full, revealing a new glimpse at some of the game's key features, including a "Metrovania-esque" level design. Yet as per usual, the star of the show is the combat, which appears to have truly nailed the Jedi way - despite a noted lack of dismemberment. Still, for the first time since the aforementioned Force Awakens, the subtle art of lightsaber combat appears to be handled with utmost care. From the look of it, controlling protagonist Cal Kestis will be a pleasure, especially where his martial prowess is concerned. 

Check out the full 26-minute demo below, which includes previously unseen footage and commentary from IGN. Have you any interest in looking into this? Or are you predicting this one to succumb to the dark side?