The Mandalorian was a surprise hit for Disney after mixed reviews on their "Skywalker Saga" left the corporation in a tough spot. The show placed its bets on two things: the cuteness of The Child and the old school western aesthetic. It paid off, becoming one of the most-streamed series of all time. Of course, this has led to a plethora of marketing ideas, the latest of which is a cereal. 

After first being teased on Star Wars Day, The Mandalorian cereal is finally making its debut. General Mills is bringing this breakfast from a galaxy far, far away. The cereal highlights The Child, or "Baby Yoda," and is inspired by Galaxy’s Edge. Fruity and sugary corn puffs are mixed with marshmallow pieces shaped like The Child. It's much like a Star Wars remix of Captain Crunch with marshmallows. Of course, The Child graces the cover of the box, looking down on the cereal like he wants to eat it. This special edition breakfast food will probably sell out, and resale as collector's items in the near future.

General Mills’ Star Wars The Mandalorian cereal will be available exclusively at Sam’s Club starting this month. There will be a follow-up release at Walmart stores, with no specific date announced.