Kentucky's Attorney General Andy Beshear is pointing his finger at Walgreens, a known retail commodity which sells opioids in its pharmacies. The State ledger is accusing the retailer of  "unlawful business practices" and of fueling the current drug crisis in the State (also Nationwide). Kentucky is among the top ten in America for opioid-related deaths and the numbers are on a steep incline.

The complaint, filed on Thursday, claims Walgreens has ordered "suspicious" amounts of opioids and failed to file the report when numbers began to rise at an alarming rate. Beshear wants Walgreens to halt "over-dispensing opioids" and "filling suspicious orders," as the document states. He also spoke candidly about the need for large corporation to consider their stake and responsibility in social issues, let alone harvesting solutions. "I want to make sure these billion dollar companies take responsibility and become a part of the solution," Beshear added as a footnote.

Other companies have reacted more positively to the opioid outbreak by strengthening its policies and by destroying unclaimed prescriptions, ultimately taking the contraband out of circulation. Walgreens have yet to formally respond to the lawsuit or the allegations. Both Walgreen & the State of Kentucky know exactly where they stand, since numbered data is required by law.