According to TheShadeRoom, a new crime report indicates that the majority of arrests made with regards to the new sagging law are black people. The report was yielded from Shreveport, who passed the law in 2007, and reflected a total of 726 arrests made. Out of these arrests, exactly 712 involved black people according to the department's statistics. Of these 712 arrests, we can include a total of 699 black men and 13 black women. The report demonstrates a clear bias underlying the controversial law. The 2007-legislation forbids individuals from wearing pants below their waistline and critics have called deemed its introduction absurd. 

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

That is especially considering the law obviously targets members of the black community who have always "sagged" their pants as part of their fashion. City council representative LeVette Fuller called for the law to be abolished upon the shooting of Anthony Childs. Childs was shot and killed by a police officer who attempted to re-adjust Childs' pants from sagging below his waist level. Thus far, the law prompts the guilty parties to be subjected to a fine or to be summoned in court. Though the law does emphasize that being arrested on the grounds of "sagging" per say “shall itself not be grounds for an arrest or for a full search of the persons cited.” 

We expect more details on this in the future.