Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster, has made a bit of a name for himself in his rookie season, having caught three touchdowns so far which is just as many as Ben Roethlisberger's favorite target, Antonio Brown. 

Smith-Schuster's play on the field, coupled with his entertaining antics on twitter, has drawn the attention of many, including Mia Khalifa.

Earlier this week, Smith-Schuster shared footage of himself riding his bike home from the team's practice facility while wearing his Steelers helmet - unfortunately the bike was stolen just days later.

JuJu took to twitter to announce the terrible news, which prompted a friendly response from Mia Khalifa. However, Smith-Schuster is wise to how Khalifa operates on social media and swiftly shut her down.

Check out the twitter exchange below.

As it turns out, the 20-year old wide receiver doesn't have a car, or even a driver's license, so he uses the bike to get to practices or wherever he needs to go in Pittsburgh. Thankfully, the bike has since been returned.

According to KDKA, a man contacted the police station late Tuesday night and said he bought the bike on the street earlier in the day for $200. The Mount Oliver Police chief said the man saw the story of JuJu's stolen bike on the news, and knew who it belonged to when he saw it.