The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday on February 3rd in Atlanta. It will be a pretty interesting game as the Los Angeles Rams look to take on the New England Patriots. For now, it seems as though the Patriots are the favorites to win this one, even though they'd like to convince everybody that they're actually underdogs. While Sunday will be dedicated to football, those in the advertising world will have a competition of their own to see who can create the best Super Bowl commercial. These ads are usually always funny and contain a ton of pop culture references.

One brand that is looking to use that formula for their own ad, is beer company Stella Artois, whose ad was recently shown off on the Today Show. This new commercial features two iconic characters in Sex In The City's Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as The Big Lebowski's The Dude played by Jeff Bridges.

Both characters are in a restaurant and both find common ground as they order a Stella Artois.

According to USA Today, the commercial is promoting their "Pour it Forward" campaign which is in collaboration with The campaign will ensure that sales of Stella Artois go to providing clean water for those living in developing countries.