When all is said and done, it will be said that Steph Curry was the greatest shooter to ever play in the NBA. He is knocking on the door of second all-time when it comes to three-pointers made, and fans are already anticipating him to shoot to number one within the next few years. Over the past five years, Curry has most likely destroyed your favorite team, and this year, he seems to be having a really nice comeback.

Today, however, Curry became a meme on Twitter as one reporter unleashed some information that most fans didn't actually know. In the clip below, reporter Marcus Thompson refers to Curry as "Wardell," which is Steph's real first name. In fact, Stephen is simply Curry's middle name. 

This isn't common knowledge, especially since everyone has known Curry as Steph for the entirety of his career in both college and the NBA. As you can imagine Thompson's "Wardell" address led to a hilarious response from Curry who was clearly taken aback by the whole thing. In pure Twitter fashion, both the name and the reaction became memes on Twitter, with fans commenting on the brand new information.

At this point, it seems like fans will be referring to Steph as "Wardell" for the foreseeable future, although we doubt a reporter is ever going to try it again.