Oracle Arena in Oakland was the home of the Golden State Warriors for numerous decades but this season, the team played its last game there. Next season, the team is heading to San Francisco so they can play at the Chase Center. While the arena is extremely nice, there is no denying that the Warriors players have a certain attachment to Oracle. The team won three championships there and also made it to five straight NBA Finals. As you can imagine, Steph Curry is sad to see the place go and during a recent drive through Oakland, Curry let his feelings be known.

In the video above, Curry can be heard blasting some music from Bay area legend, E-40, all while he screams "I'm gonna miss you" while driving past the Oracle Arena. There is no denying just how much sentimental value that place holds for Steph and the rest of the members of the Warriors. There were times this season where Warriors complained of some of the real fans being forced out of the arena due to high ticket prices, something that is a concern as they move to San Francisco, which is known for its wealthy clientele.

It will be interesting to see if the Warriors can carry over the success from the Oracle Arena, over to the Chase Center.