Despite having three NBA Titles to his name, Steph Curry has been criticized over the years for not having an NBA Finals MVP honor. During his first title run with the Warriors, Andre Iguodala swiped the award from Curry and in 2017 and 2018, the honor went to Kevin Durant. As ridiculous as it is, there has been a narrative over the years that Curry goes silent in the NBA Finals and that he doesn't live up to the moment. Of course, this is hyperbole pushed forward by the hot take warriors on Twitter but Curry has still had to answer for it.

With the NBA Finals starting tonight in Toronto, Curry was asked about his lack of Finals MVPs and whether or not it bothers him. His answer proves why he's such an effective leader and teammate.

"I understand that's the conversation, and I like that conversation because it means I've been here plenty of times and we're still winning," Curry explained. "Honestly, I know that would be an amazing accomplishment...the way that I play, the energy that I give on the court. Every playoff game that I've played, every Finals I've played is to win the basketball game, however you get that done. For us to win championships, I know I have to be playing at a very high level. Whether that means a Finals MVP or not, I'll let that kind of work itself out. In terms of chasing rings and banners, that's the first and foremost. You can't cheat the game that way."

Heading into the Finals, Curry is currently the odds on favorite to win the MVP honor, so perhaps this will be the year that he gets over the hump. We're sure he'd be just fine with a fourth championship though.