Without Klay Thompson in the lineup, the Golden State Warriors are having a very hard time to start the season. On opening night, the Warriors got blown out by the Brooklyn Nets before being stomped out of the building by the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas Day. It's been a frustrating time for the franchise and at this point, their only real bonafide star is Steph Curry who is now being asked to carry a team for the first time in his career.

While the team might be 0-2, Curry is still motivated to go out and be the best shooter in league history. On Saturday, the Warriors Twitter account reminded people of just how good Curry is, by posting a video of Curry making consecutive three-pointers for five straight minutes. In the clip, Curry makes 103 in a row, without missing a single shot.

This is a pretty impressive feat for any player although it remains to be seen if this will actually result in any wins for the Warriors. The team is looking quite shaky on the defensive end and offensively, Curry has been unable to get the looks he normally does.

As it stands, this Warriors team is in a bit of trouble and it will be up to Curry to get them out of it.

Steph Curry

Sarah Stier/Getty Images