Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry have been considered by some as the first couple of basketball thanks to their fairy tale relationship that has gained in profile over the last few years. When Curry's father, Dell, was playing for the Toronto Raptors, Steph spent much of his time in Canada and that's where he meant Ayesha. The two are essentially high school sweethearts who now have kids together and are constantly supporting each other in their numerous endeavors.

Over the past couple of months, Ayesha has made some bizarre comments about male attention that ended up leading to a ton of criticism. Since then, every little thing Ayesha does in relation to Steph has put under a microscope although the two seem pretty unfazed by it all. Today, Steph took to Instagram to pay homage to his queen with a heartfelt caption that expressed just how much he appreciates her.

"Find you somebody that.....does everything she does!" Curry wrote. 

It's clear that Curry doesn't care about all of the criticism being thrown towards his wife and that no matter what, he is on her side. As the Warriors prepare for their upcoming season in San Francisco, there is no doubt Ayesha will be a mainstay in the stands throughout the season.