Thanks to a packed night in the NBA filled with some pretty huge stories, Steph Curry spraining his foot was able to slip beneath the cracks. The Warriors were playing against the New Orleans Pelicans last night and won the game easily, 112-103. While it was a great night for the Warriors who are now on a six-game winning streak, it was a bad night for Steph Curry who had to leave the game in the first quarter with a sprained foot, according to Sporting News.

With the playoffs starting on Saturday, this would typically be bad news for the Warriors, although head coach Steve Kerr was quick to reassure everyone that Steph will probably be just fine for the playoffs.

"He's in there icing it," Kerr said. "We think he's going to be fine. He tweaked it, but we weren't going to mess around."

The team had announced that Curry wouldn't be back in the game for precautionary reasons, so fans were understandably concerned.

With the first overall seed in the Western Conference, the Warriors are huge favorites to repeat as champions. If they want any shot at making that become a reality, they'll need Steph healthy for what should be an intense playoff run.