In just a month from now, some of the best athletes in the world will be headed to Tokyo, Japan for the Summer Olympics. The best players in the NBA will be representing their countries and it should lead to some incredible basketball. Over the past couple of days, superstars like Kevin Durant and James Harden have all committed themselves to the team, while the likes of Steph Curry have been at home contemplating their next move.

After weeks of going back and forth, Curry has decided to not pursue the Olympics and instead, prepare for next season with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have missed two straight postseasons and it's clear that Curry wants to turn the tide and bring the Warriors back to prominence. 

For some players, the Olympics pose too much of a risk as there is potential to get badly injured. No one wants to have their season messed up because of an injury in a tournament that took place outside of the NBA's jurisdiction, and Curry's latest decision is further proof of that.

Despite Curry's absence, the U.S. Olympic team is poised to be the tournament's favorite and there will certainly be some superstar talent headed to Japan. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see who else Team USA is able to secure, and whether or not more players will side with Curry.

Steph Curry

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images