These last couple of weeks have been difficult for Steph Curry as many have questioned his legacy. With a questionable roster around him, Steph's shooting had deteriorated and stars like Damian Lillard felt like Curry was finally understanding what it's like to face some adversity. Of course, Curry has been paying attention to all of this slander and on Sunday night, he decided to do something about it as he and the Warriors faced off against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Warriors legend ended up scoring 62 points while shooting 50 percent from beyond the arc. It was nothing short of spectacular and many NBA fans couldn't believe what they were seeing. This was a career-high for Curry and after the game, he made sure to remind people of who he is.

"I don't get frazzled too easily and am very confident in who I am as a person," Curry said. "As a basketball player, there's not going to be anything you can say about me or to me that's going to affect that. At the end of the day that's how I got here, and I got a lot of people in my circle that understand what makes me tick, and how much I enjoy this game, and all the different challenges you get to experience having been around 12 years-plus. ... I love everything about what this game offers and the competitiveness and the fire. I never run from it."

Despite the Warriors' performance, the team is by no means a contender this season although it's nice to see Curry display these flashes of brilliance as a way to keep the league entertaining.