Steph Curry has been a top-five player in the NBA for quite some time now thanks to his incredible shot that can sink teams on a whim. His talents have blessed him with a lucrative Under Armour deal in which he has released numerous signature shoes. Curry is far and away the biggest star signed to Under Armour right now and the brand is well-aware of this. So much so, that there are now rumors circulating that Curry could be getting his own Under Armour brand, much like Michael Jordan with Nike.

In an article from Warriors blog Let's Go, Warriors, the writer notes that he has a source in China with inside information into what is going on over at Under Armour. Based on this source, a brand new Curry-centric brand continues to seem likely, especially with his Curry 8 dropping soon. In fact, some images were leaked of the shoe, and you can find them in the video below.

For now, this information remains a rumor although it certainly isn't far-fetched. Curry brings a lot of money to Under Armour and he has created a whole market of people who otherwise wouldn't be buying Under Armour basketball shoes. If Curry gets his own brand, it has the potential to surpass brands such as Puma, and maybe even Adidas.

Stay tuned for updates on this as we will be sure to bring them to you.