Steph Curry is one of the best shooters to ever play in the NBA and fans are well-aware of his impact on the court. For five years straight, Curry was able to lead his team to the NBA Finals, and in three of those years, they won the title. Since then, however, the Warriors have struggled due to numerous injuries to their best players. For instance, Klay Thompson hasn't played in two years, while Curry has also been in and out of the lineup.

Last night, the Warriors lost their fifth game in six starts as Curry came back into the lineup from an injury. Now, the Warriors are in 10th in the Western Conference and their playoff hopes are dwindling. Despite this, Curry told reporters that he is aware that the team needs to develop, and you won't see him sulking, anytime soon.

"I know for me and Draymond, we've tried to be conscious of the development but also the understanding we have a lot of growing to do and our leadership has to be consistent in that respect," Curry said. "Nobody has time to sulk. Just go out and hoop."

This will have to be the Warriors' mantra until the end of the season, especially if they want to sniff the playoffs. The West is pretty stacked and the current iteration of the Warriors simply isn't good enough right now.

Steph Curry

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images