According to coach Steve Kerr, Steph Curry is bound to return on Friday, after being sidelined for 6 matches with a right ankle injury. A lot has been made of Durant's immediate impact with the franchise, but his absence highlighted a dependency on their star point guard as well. The team dropped to 2-4 in his absence. The injury occurred on March 8, in the first quarter of the Warriors/Spurs matchup, on a drive to the basket. 

Steve Kerr monitored his progress in the team's final two practices, assuring the media he "looked good." Team physician were also quick to suggest that any supplement time on the sidelines would not be of any benefit to his condition. 

Curry stated that he felt good after Thursday's practice. He made the following remarks about his balance and agility:

"When I wake up in the morning, I'll know the difference between my right and the left, but that won't stop me from being who I am on the floor and having confidence in myself when I get back out there."

It appears his physical ailments did little to wane on his confidence. Tune in tonight at 10:30 Eastern Time.

[via ESPN]