Stephen A. Smith is one of ESPN's most celebrated personalities and on Monday, he and a whole plethora of other ESPN reporters took to Twitter which a quick 30-second video in which they educate the public on the dangers of Coronavirus and how we all must band together in this time of need.

As you can see from the video below, the personalities talk about how just because sports are on pause, doesn't mean we can't all be one team united against the virus that has been ravaging its way around the world. The anchors and reporters urge people to continue social distancing measures and that if we all stay the course, we can beat this thing sooner rather than later.

Stephen A.'s show First Take has continued to air throughout the sports hiatus and to be honest, it has provided a nice sense of normalcy to the world. Despite everything that is going on, we can still count on Smith and Max Kellerman to provide us with entertaining debates and hilarious moments. Their presence on TV has been wonderful over the last two weeks and this latest PSA is yet another reminder that everything is going to be okay.

Hopefully, everyone adheres to the rules and we avoid an even greater catastrophe.