For years, the New York Knicks have been a deeply cursed NBA franchise. Ever since Carmelo Anthony left the team, they have been at the abyss of the Eastern Conference, and for the most part, fans have given up hope in the team's owner, James Dolan. However, this year appears to be different, much to the shock of the NBA community. As it stands, the Knicks are 14-16 and are sixth place in the Eastern Conference. If the season were to end today, the team would be in a playoff spot, and virtually no one saw that coming.

Massive Knicks fans like Stephen A. Smith and Spike Lee are over the moon about this development, and they let it show on First Take today. Smith and Lee took turns gloating to Max Kellerman, who has completely given up on the team throughout the years.

Lee and Smith are well-aware of the fact that this team still has a long way to go, although they have dealt with nothing but suffering for so long that even just a slight glimmer of hope has filled them with an overwhelming sense of joy. Newly-appointed head coach Tom Thibodeau has done a solid job at building up this roster and heading into the mid-point of the season, the Knicks are poised to only get better. 

While Smith and Lee are excited, this is the Knicks we are talking about here. Something could go horribly wrong, and they both need to be prepared for that reality.

Spike Lee
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Stephen A. Smith
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