LeBron James and Michael Jordan are constantly being compared to one another and for good reason. Of course, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, according to many. LeBron is a close second although his record in the NBA Finals leaves a lot to be desired, regardless of the fact that he had much harder competition than MJ. If you were to ask anyone on ESPN's First Take, they would say Jordan is the GOAT. However, they had another debate" can LeBron's brand surpass MJ's.

Jordan has the Jumpman brand while LeBron has sneakers, a production company, a school, and many other projects. With this in mind, Stephen A. Smith made the case that James could surpass Jordan's global brand if he continues to build his efforts up in a positive direction. Smith notes that no one will touch MJ in the sneaker world but in every other aspect, LeBron has a real case to become a larger name, in the future.

Smith noted that LeBron is only 35 years old and has already built more of a brand than some people have over an entire lifetime. Based on this very fact alone, LeBron certainly has the potential to swipe GOAT status away from MJ. As far as his off the court life, LeBron is probably already there.

We can't wait to see what other projects LeBron blesses us with as time goes on.