With the recent fight against racial inequality taking place all across the United States, there has been a push for many racist institutions to be brought down. One would just have to look at Confederate statue removal to understand what we are talking about. In the world of sports, many fans are looking to get rid of some of the racist nicknames that have plagued numerous teams in pretty well every single sport, especially football. Of course, the team at the top of people's minds is the one in Washington.

We have avoided the use of the nickname to remain consistent with anti-racist sentiment, and it looks like this trend is catching on. Recently, FedEx and Nike offered some concerns with the name, and today, owner Dan Snyder released a statement saying he would review the name of the team. Well, according to Stephen A. Smith, it seems like the name change isn't an "if," it's a "when."

In fact, Smith claimed that this change would take place before the season, which is huge news that would certainly shake up the league. Washington has been a historic club, so it will be interesting to see what name the franchise goes with.

Either way, it remains to be seen whether or not Smith's reporting becomes a reality.