Donovan Mitchell has been on an absolute tear throughout the NBA playoffs and he currently has his team in a position to make the Western Conference Finals. If the Jazz get there, they will most likely play the Phoenix Suns which will be a showdown between the top two seeds in the West. There is no doubt that Mitchell is a superstar in the league right now, and fans are eager to see what he can do when the pressure really starts to pile up.

Some pundits are already jumping the gun on Mitchell's legacy, including Stephen A. Smith who made the claim this past week that Mitchell is the greatest player in the history of the franchise. This is a pretty bold claim especially when you consider how John Stockton and Karl Malone both made two consecutive NBA Finals together. 

As soon as Smith made this claim, the clip went viral on Twitter and NBA fans had a lot to say about it all. They reminded Smith that Stockton is the all-time assist leader while Malone is second all-time in points scored. Both of these men were superstar-caliber players, and Mitchell still has a lot to do before he gets to their status.

Regardless, you can't deny just how phenomenal Mitchell has been thus far. If he were to keep up this pace, then perhaps the Malone and Stockton comparisons will become just a bit more appropriate.

Donovan Mitchell

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images